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Restoring Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing through Ancestral Clearing and Forgiveness

If you have any questions, Lets's chat / Free 15 minute call

Meet Katherine

Hi! I'm Katherine,

I'm a certified Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, speaker and workshop host. I connect with clients one-on-one, in person or over the phone, and in group settings to facilitate the important work of clearing and forgiveness. I work with adults and youth from all walks of life.


In addition to individual sessions, several times per month I offer group clearings for stress, support clearings for parents, clearings for general health and well-being, as well as women's groups, and online live monthly calls with various clearing topics.

The reason many of us struggle to find balance and health is not only related to our own unresolved traumas, but those of our ancestors and family members. Science has come a long way to determine that the things we think, say, and feel, (positive and negative) are deeply rooted in our lineage, unacknowledged pain and grief can lead to our personal and familial suffering. Which is why Intergenerational clearing is a vital part of any wellness plan, no matter what your personal story may be.

It can seem confusing, but it's really quite simple. The work of clearing is designed to release your attachment to all the layers of trauma, stress, ill health, and burden from our body, mind, and spirit so we can find the balance, transformation and vitality we are looking for, free from pain and struggle.




"The Human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved, promoting well-being."

Why Ancestral Clearing

What is Ancestral Clearing?

Balanced Health is defined as the free flow of energy between the mind, body, and spirit. Often times, when you or a family member is dealing with a chronic diagnosis, ongoing stress, anxiety, an unresolved health condition, or physical pain, it is natural to feel frustrated, afraid and lost.


Over time, if unresolved, that pain, stress and fear can block the vital flow of energy necessary for healing, and a feeling of clarity, calm, connection, and general well-being. It can continue to become more challenging to feel fully well, physically, mentally and emotionally when we are carrying around the trauma and burdens of our own difficult experiences and that of our ancestors.


This is where the work of Ancestral Clearing and Forgiveness comes in.

Ancestral Clearing merges ancient wisdom with modern science, digging deep into any of your personal limiting beliefs, burden and trauma, or those, that you are carrying of your family lineage.


Discover what's been holding you back from living your best life, free from suffering of any kind.


I invite you to join me in clearing sessions and watch your limiting beliefs, ill health, stress, anxiety and fear, transform into a life of balance, and vitality. 


Physical and Emotional Well-being beyond your imagination.


Clear what has been holding you back from having great relationships. Witness as your relationships with family, spouses, co-workers, friends and children, have more ease and grace. Connect on a higher level. Clear negative patterns and emotions in troubled areas; communication, expectations, perceptions, and betrayal. Feel connected seen and heard, in all your relationships. 


You are worth it!

Align with your desires and beliefs around finances and abundance.


Love what you do!

Are you in the wrong career or the wrong work environment? Isn't it time you found your passion and purpose? Confidently connect to your goals and aspirations.


Feel a sense of connection, belonging, and purpose.

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Discovery Call

In this 15 minute call I will answer any questions you may have about ancestral clearing and forgiveness work.

Group Clearing

In person or online ; You can hire me to facilitate a private clearing for a private group you bring together in your space.  Hire me to facilitate in your retreat, Woman's circles or other.  I am happy to hop on a call or zoom to discuss options.

Private Clearing

personal 1-1 clearings over the phone, in person or zoom. addressing any specific area of life, physical, emotional, spiritual, love, abundance, health, family, relationships.

there are individual sessions

packages or 6-12 week courses. 



My best journey to date!

I came to Kathy with anxiety, depression, and chronic headaches (I've suffered with headaches for 15 years). With growing, healing and learning from Kathy, these symptoms have subsided and everything is much more manageable. Only 2 headaches in the past year.This experience is something I will be forever grateful for. I will continue to use this work in my life when needed.

Thank you Kathy for guiding me on my best journey to date.

L. Thompson - Langley, BC


Your Balance,Vitality and Transformation Starts Here

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