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Discovery Call

In this free 10-15 minute call I will answer any questions you may have about the very important work of Ancestral Clearing and Forgiveness.

We will discuss how you can incorporate this practice in your daily life. How you can utilize the practice of clearing and forgiveness, and what you can expect in either, an, in-person session at our South Surrey studio or via a phone session.

Clients have reported huge shifts in the areas of anxiety, and depression. This is true for a myriad of areas in ones life; relationships, work place, personal or ancestral lineage trauma experiences or simply, day to day activities and stressors.

Relieving physical discomfort; migraine sufferers report a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of symptoms. Many report the disappearance of physical pain from old sports injuries or constant back and neck pain. Clients work on many areas of physical discomfort.

Chronic health issues, constant allergies, many of the most commonly reported areas and health concerns we face in society today, have been reported as improving in various ways and on many levels, with a majority disappearing all together.

Once the emotional distress of your own physical, mental or emotional distress, and those of your familial lineage, that you may be energetically carrying have been cleared your body more easily finds a way to heal all that is no longer serving you.

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