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Bullet Heaven 2 Download __HOT__ PC Game

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Bullet heaven 2 Download PC Game

Analysis: I have a weird relationship with any genre that requires any sort of skill or reflexive manual dexterity, and this is especially true with shooters. I'm typically uncomfortable with anything more demanding on my ability to aim and stay alive than Super Metroid, so games like, say, Team Fortress 2 are basically out of my range of ability no matter how much I might want to be friends with them. The one exception to the rule, however, lies with vertical shooters, and bullet-hell shoot-em-ups in particular. Some Rain Man part of my brain takes over and I enter a trance-like state of pure enjoyment. Throw in some pulsing ambient music and lava-lampish projectiles and you basically have a recipe for unproductivity for yours truly.

A one pixel hit box is a breath of fresh air from most of the bullet hell flash games that I have seen, and many of the mechanics seem to be lifted from some of my favorites, (Looking again, the credits list the two I was thinking of, Touhou and Ikaruga!) and the Main/Sub weapon and weapon charge system is unique and cool.

@[email protected]: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. On the face of it, it seems like memorizing safe zones is the opposite of skill. None of the bullet patterns in this game are so difficult that you can't react to them. There are some tough ones, definitely, but nothing that requires clairvoyance.

@[email protected] man what can be moar fun than moving a character to a safe spot over and over again, i mean trying to dodge is just too much work right? it's so hard that the only way its going to be fun is though memorization of safe spots and leaving the character there for the entire time! Man, i mean like memorization totally takes more skill than actually moving your mouse around. It's completely random! thats totally not fun, i mean video games just have to follow the same pattern over and over just to be fun right?Oh man, this holes to small dude, it should be totally larger so that some noob can rip though the entire game within 10 minutes. Why even make challenges when you have memorization! that way you can play the same game over and over, with teh same predictable type of fun! In fact you know the biggest problem of this game? it isn't like my childhood shooters. That's right, it has to follow the same pattern just like all the american made shooters where theres only liek 10 bullets on teh sceen at a time! If it doens't follow that formula, it totally sucks as a shooter! im so old, i cant even pause teh game and turn on auto focus!

A decent game if a bit on the easy side for experienced bullet hell fans. Though getting S on the higher levels still takes some skill. Yes, it is clearly inspired by other games like Touhou and Ikuraga (which it clearly states in the credits), but it does have some unique points such as the upgrade system and "toggleable" secondary fire.

Other than that, it's a very good game that combines their art style and the bullet curtain systematics though I would have liked them to have included some more text, if even just a monster encyclopedia or such. I know very well they aren't exactly the wittiest of writers, but it loses some charm without any of their silly dialogues.

The upgrade system is actually pretty great. If you want an opportunity to test your bullet-dodging skill, then don't use the upgrades. The bonus bosses will take quite a long time to kill without the upgrades. If you're a casual gamer, then grab the upgrades. Levels 16-20 and the bonus levels 3-4 will still give you pretty good challenge.

Nonetheless, I have a few gripes, but they're different than others have stated: 1) object collection is too slow. I kupo707 is trying to be different than Touhou, but I've taken damage quite a few times when collectibles obscured by view of a nasty bullet pattern. It inspired a ragequit at least once. I've never once had that problem in a Touhou game. The best solution is to let the bullets completely occlude the collectibles or to make them smaller, or at least in the case of bosses, destroy all the old bullets when that "stage" of the boss is defeated; 2) the backgrounds need to be darker, or bullet contrast needs to be raised. The third bonus stage is the worst with a light yellow background and light orange bullets. Either the bullets need to have darker edges, or the backgrounds need to be darker, or at least, the backgrounds need to be brown or black. The ocean stages can also be bad with blue backgrounds and blue bullets.

How can this game get only 4.3 stars?? This is one of the best shooters I've ever played. To begin with, the graphics magnificent, and the sheer beauty of those myriad bullets churning on screen is trancendental. There is certainly a very well-executed artfulness to this game.

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